APS Romania

Asset Portfolio Servicing Romania S.R.L.

George Constantinescu street No. 2-4
Globalworth Campus 3, 3rd floor
code 020339

5-7-9 Cetății boulevard, 1st floor

20-22 Elena Doamna street, Bursa Moldovei building, 1st floor

44-46 Henri Barbusse street, Cluj Business Center, section B, 1st floor

+4 021 527 27 27



People of APS

Martin Machoň APS CZ&SK

Member of APS Board of Directors, CEO and Owner

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  • Chairman of the Board and CEO of APS Holding
  • Martin founded APS Group in 2004 together with Slavia Capital, a regional investment banking boutique.
  • He is responsible for overall strategy and direction of APS Holding and its businesses.
  • He has more than 13 years of experience with distressed debt management, investment and advisory and has overseen APS Holding’s businesses from its very beginning.
  • In 2015, he executed an MBO of APS Holding from Slavia Capital and is currently the sole owner of APS Holding.
  • Mr Machon earned his MBA degree at Rochester University of New York.

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